SEAL 1 CLP Plus® Liquid


Size: 1 oz Bottle

1 oz Bottle
2 oz Bottle
4 oz Bottle
8 oz Bottle
1 Gallon F-Jug
Size: 1 oz Bottle, 2 oz Bottle, 4 oz Bottle, 8 oz Bottle, 1 Gallon F-Jug
Type: Liquid
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SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is more than just a cleaner—it's a revolutionary "Green Engineered" product designed to Clean, Lubricate, and Protect firearms with a non-toxic formula. Say goodbye to stubborn carbon buildup as SEAL 1™ dissolves carbon on contact, creating a formidable barrier against copper, lead, and further carbon accumulation.

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1 oz Bottle, 2 oz Bottle, 4 oz Bottle, 8 oz Bottle, 1 Gallon F-Jug

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James Dorris
Best cleaner I’ve ever used

I’ve used Break-Free CLP for years and it’s worked fine for me. I read about Seal1 in an email from SDGO and figured i would give it a try as I’m always open to trying something new. I’m sold. It cleans like nothing I’ve ever used before. The recessed crown on my Glock always picks up heavy carbon deposits, which i usually have to scrap off. The Seal1 CLP cut through it with just a couple of strokes with a bronze brush. Needless to say, the bore was spotless, the frame cleaned easily and, after reassembly, the slide was smooth as glass. I think at least part of the reason it works so well is because it is thick and stays where you put it. Try it out. You won’t be disappointed.