Clean, Lube and Protect Your Firearm

By diligently maintaining your firearm and implementing effective cleaning practices, you can significantly enhance its performance in multiple ways!

  1. 1. Optimize Accuracy and Precision: Thoroughly clearing your gun of debris, such as dirt, dust, and residue, is crucial to ensure consistent and reliable accuracy. Regularly inspect and clean the barrel, action, ejector, and chamber, as these areas are prone to accumulating contaminants. A clean gun reduces the chances of any obstruction affecting the trajectory of the bullet, resulting in improved accuracy and precision.

  2. 2. Enhance Firing Speed: Alongside debris, fouling caused by copper, plastic, lead, and powder residue can accumulate within the barrel and other critical components. This buildup can negatively impact the firearm's performance, leading to a decrease in firing speed and reliability. Regular cleaning and maintenance, specifically targeting the removal of fouling, helps to maintain optimal performance and consistent firing speeds.

  3. 3. Prolong Firearm Lifespan: Firearms endure significant stress and wear due to the movement and interaction of metal parts. Proper cleaning and lubrication play a vital role in reducing friction and preventing excessive wear and tear. Regularly applying appropriate lubricants to the moving parts of your gun reduces friction, minimizing stress and the likelihood of failure. This, in turn, extends the lifespan of your firearm, ensuring it remains functional for a longer period.

    "Firearm lubrication is probably the single most important thing when keeping a firearm in good working order," said Dwight Settle, Managing Director of SEAL 1. "From law enforcement to military units, hunters, competition and target shooters, and conceal carry owners alike, firearm lubrication ensures the reliability of a firearm by keeping it running smoothly and free from harmful buildup that can cause failures and malfunctions."