What is SEAL 1 CLP Plus®?

SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is a USDA Bio-based certified cleaner, lubricant and protectant designed for use on all your firearms, accessories, and outdoor gear.

Do I need to use additional cleaners and solvents with SEAL 1 CLP Plus®?

No. SEAL 1 liquids, pastes, and aerosols are a products. No other solutions are necessary and will interfere with the performance of SEAL 1 use.

How often should I use SEAL 1 CLP Plus®?

Cleaning weapons regularly helps maintain reliability and extends their service life. Normally, firearms should be cleaned and maintained after every use.

Is SEAL 1 safe to use on all surfaces?

Yes! SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is safe on all surfaces and factory finishes; metals, composites, wood, leather, and polymers, to name just a few.

Does SEAL 1 provide company support, customer service, or a warranty on its products?

When purchased from an “authorized” reseller, all service, warranties, and returns are fully supported.

Why should I use a bio-based formula over the more traditional cleaning products on the market?

Using bio-based gun cleaning products offers numerous benefits, including environmental sustainability, reduced chemical exposure, biodegradability, excellent performance, support for sustainable manufacturing practices, and compliance with evolving regulations. By making a conscious choice to use these products, you contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future for both your firearms and the environment.