What is the Difference Between CLP and Lead & Copper Cleaner?

What is the Difference Between CLP and Lead & Copper Cleaner?

When it comes to keeping your firearm in tip-top shape, knowing the right cleaning products is key. 

But what exactly sets apart the SEAL1 CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, and Protectant) from Copper and Lead Cleaner?

SEAL1 CLP Plus® is fantastic for everyday maintenance, but for competition shooters and target practice, guns can be pushed harder. That's where SEAL1's Copper and Lead Remover comes in. This specially formulated cleaner tackles the stubborn copper and lead residue left behind by high-volume shooting, ensuring your firearm stays in top condition for peak performance.

Think of CLP Plus® as your daily shower, keeping things clean, while the Copper and Lead Remover is like a deep conditioning treatment, giving your firearm that extra TLC it needs to perform its best.

So, what do shooters think?

Well, they're divided into two groups: those who want to clean everything and those who don't mind leaving some residue. But they all agree on one thing: SEAL1 CLP Plus® is a game-changer. A top "Long Range" instructor swears by it in their cleaning routine.

SEAL1's Copper and Lead Remover is specially made for long guns with calibers larger than .223/5.56.

But how is it different from CLP Plus®?


Use Case Key Features


Everyday Cleaning, Lubrication, Protection Cleans, lubricates, and protects your firearm
SEAL1 Copper and Lead Remover Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Removes stubborn copper and lead fouling


The base of the Copper & Lead Remover is similar to their other products. It looks and smells alike. But what sets it apart is an extra gritty element mixed in. This grit makes it super effective against tough copper or lead fouling in your gun.

So what do I choose? 

For everyday cleaning, SEAL1 recommends their paste or liquid cleaners to keep your gun shiny. But if you're into heavy-duty shooting with big guns and lots of rounds, the Copper & Lead Remover is your go-to.


After using the Copper & Lead Remover, it's important to follow up with CLP Plus® to make sure your gun's barrel stays properly lubricated. This careful routine ensures your firearm stays accurate and reliable.

In short, while CLP and copper and lead cleaners both aim to keep your gun in top shape, they each have their own job. SEAL1's attention to detail means you have the right tools for whatever your gun needs, whether it's precision or heavy-duty action.


Shooters can expect a 3-8% increase in bullet speed (muzzle velocity) after using CLP Plus®! This is because of the quality of SEAL1 products.

Just make sure to keep in mind you may have to adjust your zero with rifles to ensure your shots hit the bullseye again.

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