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Our mission is to develop and manufacture archery and gun care products that exceed the expectations of our customers. Our products are “Green Engineered” utilizing American made materials.  

SEAL 1, LLC is also proud to work with other companies to bring to market new innovative products.

Concept, Design  Development and Manufacturing all under one roof.  

A great sense of pride in our quality and a job well done – everything that goes out the door has our stamp of approval!


The SEAL 1 development team’s diverse talents and decades of experience in special operations, military, law enforcement and the shooting industry provide a base for continued state of the art product development.  We are proud to offer complete in-house product design, development, and manufacturing all under one roof.  

Our development team has designed products that have stood the test of time in the market place for over 30 years and we are very proud to carry on this tradition.

SEAL 1 Products are Proudly Manufactured in the U.S.A.  

Dwight Settle – Managing Director

SEAL 1, LLC’s managing director, Dwight Settle served 20 years as a Navy Seal working in the most extreme environments.  As the (AW-automatic weapons) M-60 gunner in his platoon the only way to truly clean the weapon was using dry cleaning solvent.  This became no longer available due to how toxic it was to the user and the environment. He remembers his fingers and hands being dry and cracked after every cleaning.  The switch was made to Break Free CLP but it just wasn’t’ as effective.  

For the M-60 and any of the weapons the SEALS carried to perform properly there needed to be a liberal amount of lube on the rails.  This created a situation where they had to be very cognizant of how they carried their weapons. It was critical that great care was taken in protecting their weapons from dirt and sand; otherwise the weapons could jam and become useless.

The SEAL 1, LLC development team came together  to bring a high end green engineered gun cleaning and gun care line to the military, law enforcement and shooting industry that would all but alleviate corrosion and jams in weapons and make cleaning more effective and much quicker.

With SEAL 1 CLP PLUS all these concerns are a thing of the past.   When using SEAL 1’s new generation CLP PLUS  your weapon will perform at a more proficient level and virtually eliminate jams and corrosion and make cleaning a much more enjoyable task.  

Our testing confirms that your weapon will perform in the most extreme environmental conditions.

Scott Lee – Director of Sales and Operations

Scott comes to SEAL 1 with a wide variety of professional and educational skills, all of which help to keep SEAL 1 in the forefront of technology.

Scott began his career early in an avenue that brought great awareness to his basic ethos for a healthy and clean environment. While working for the State of Connecticut Health
Department, one of Scott’s responsibilities was overseeing and inspecting public water
supplies. During this time Scott saw many private and public water supplies threatened by an
alarming measure of pollutants. Much of this pollution was in the form of petroleum or
chlorinated hydrocarbons which in turn were typically related to manufacturing facilities or gas

When he was first hired into the Shooting Industry in 1984, Scott quickly found that the
traditional method for cleaning firearms was contradictory to the desired outcome. When a
shooter needed to clean, lubricate and protect their firearms, they relied on the industry
standard of petroleum based products. It was not hard to duplicate in laboratory testing that
when these petroleum products were exposed to heat and pressure as created when firing a
weapon that the residue resulted in a tar like substance. Creating the opposite effect you want
from a cleaner, lubricant or protectant.

Scott found that this labor intensive cleaning operation detoured many enthusiast and he
dedicated himself to finding a better way. Incorporated into his desire to find a better way for
the end user was his dedication to providing a healthy work environment and leaving a minimal
impact on the ecosystem. Scott’s focus and dedication turned to developing bio-based
products which has revolutionized the industry for over 30 years.

His early developments in the mid 1980’s of Wonder Lube™, Wonder Lube 1000 Plus™ and Bore
Butter™, brought great interest and sparked a whole new fervor for the sport as a whole.
Winning the attention of the US Olympic Shooting Team™ and companies such as Remington
Arms, Thompson Center Arms, CVA, Traditions, MPro-7 and Hoppes.

He was soon sought after by industry companies to develop, formulate and private label 100’s
of specialty products. In 2003 Scott was approached by a maintenance technician from
Hershey Amusement Park who asked if he could create a product that was environmentally
safe and customer friendly. A product that would provide improved protection from wear and corrosion for roller coaster wheels and tracks…, as a result Track Lube Plus was created. At
the time it was the only USDA Certified Track Lubricant for roller coasters in the world.

Scott’s knowledge and expertise has certainly brought SEAL 1 a level of pride with the family of
brands that we now manufacture. As we continue to be a leader of innovations in these
industries we look forward to seeing what is on the horizon for SEAL 1 and Seal 1 CLP.


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